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Yoga events and workshops with katie duggan

I offer regular Yoga events and Yoga workshops in Waterford and Wexford, Ireland and other locations on a variety of themes or topics - recent examples are Back to Basics Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Salt Therapy.

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Katie is trained in Hatha yoga, but over the years she has integrated in many different forms of bodywork. These include Embodied Yoga Principles, which allows you to take a psychological insight into yourself, giving you tools to assist you in your everyday life, Kinetic Flow a systematic way of integrating many systems of the body, nervous, muscular and lymphatic, for optimal performance and recovery.

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Qualifications / Certificates

Beauty & Holistic Therapy 2008
Yoga Teacher Training 2016
Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training 2017
Reiki Master 2018
Kinetic Flow 2018

How to Release Extra Weight With Energy

Have you ever lost weight and found it again and more? Do you hate certain parts of your body and love others? Have you tried all the diets and exercises? If you change your perspective you can change your life.  This workshop will give the tools and techniques to get to your dream weight and … Read more

Face Yoga

Someone once told me as you age you have to make choice between your face and your body. That just never sat right with me I just couldn’t accept that as a fact!!!  A belief is just a thought you continue to think. So don’t believe everything you hear. I’m a qualified beauty therapist with over … Read more

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