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7 chakras in 7 days twitter post (1)

7 Chakras in 7 Days

Chakra Online course - Get to know your Chakras - A beginners guide. Explore and balance 1 chakra a day with my chakra online course These energy centres can be...


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How to Raise Your Vibration

Everything around you and within you is energy and constantly moving and vibrating. You are a high vibrational being. During this course you will learn how to raise your vibration...


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Katie Voucher

Distance Reiki

Distant Reiki Healing and Intuitive Guidance Katie is a Reiki Master, crystal healer and intuitive. The sessions are guided by the intention or concerns of the client. Overall Reiki is...


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The Rose Code Community

The Rose Code Community I started The Rose Code Community as a way to gather women together in a sacred space where they felt safe enough to be their true...

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