March New Moon – Collective Energy Reading

Hello beautiful souls,

A new month has arrived and with that brings a new moon in Pisces, which peaks on Wednesday the 2nd at 5:34 pm.

Pisces is a water sign, sensitive, creative, emotionally aware and gracious.

New moons are a great time to set new intentions, but the energy of this new moon is asking you to dream BIG, bigger than you’ve ever dreamt before. If it is on your mind then it’s for you, it’s in your awareness so you can bring it into reality.

Draw, paint, journal, sing, dance, do something that ignites your creativity and unlocks your potent and powerful potential. Let it loose.

I’ve been guided to start writing poetry, which is something I would never have done, but lets see where it goes. Have you been guided to try something new lately?

Stop and be still during this time and really settle into your own energy and get familiar with it. Lean into your emotions and let them surface so you can hold space for them and then let them go. If you have been ignoring them or pushing them for some time, this is a great time for release and to allow new more positive energy to enter.

There's a lot of motivational energy helping us move downstream on the path of least resistance but you must get clear on your intentions so you can be guided in the right direction.

These cards are from Messages from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue.

“Spend time alone in nature, meditating about your desires and intentions. Ask the angels to help you gain a new positive perspective.”
This card keeps coming out lately. It’s so important to JUST BE!!!!! When was the last time you did nothing? How can we truly know what we want if we are constantly doing things? Take time to dream and envision the life you want or how you want to be. Doing this often will help you manifest your dream life. There’s also great healing in spending time alone.

Archangel Uriel
“Your emotions are healing, which enables you to open to greater love. I will help you release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.” 
In order to heal, you must feel. Yes, we can shut down parts of ourselves during trauma or unpleasant experiences but we forget to open back up again. We cannot choose the emotions we want to feel, we must feel the full spectrum of emotions in order to live life fully. Letting go of hate and anger frees us from the situation or person and we regain our power.

“You are confused and indecisive because you do not have enough information. Do research or seek expert advice before making a decision.”
If you want to make big changes in your life, talk to those who already have achieved or do the things you want to do. Ask them for tips on how to overcome any challenges or struggles or what is the best approach. You do not have to do it alone and it’s always a good idea to reach out and ask for help.

Archangel Gabrielle
“You have an important life purpose involving communication and the arts. Don’t allow insecurities to hold you back. I will help you.”
The brain keeps us in our comfort zone because it’s safe but we will experience an extreme sense of unfulfillment or lack if we are most living our purpose. That which is outside our comfort zone or doing something that scares us is a sign that we are moving and growing. Growth is uncomfortable. Don’t keep yourself small or dim your light to fit in, shine bright, share what you are passionate about or what's helped you. Use your voice to empower and encourage others.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading for the Collective. Sending you so many full moon blessings.

Love Always,
Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading for the collective. If you would like a more in-depth personal reading just reply to this email to discuss the different options.