February Full Moon – Collective Energy Reading

Hello beautiful souls,

Another lunar cycle is just about to be completed. Do you remember the intentions you set at the last new moon? Have you seen any growth or progress? If the answer is yes that is amazing, but if not please don’t fret. Divine timing is key here and if you aren’t totally in alignment just yet have patience, it’s worth waiting for. If we received everything we ever hoped and dreamed of in one go we’d be so overwhelmed we wouldn't even be able to enjoy it, so celebrate the little things and find gratitude in your day-to-day life.

I don’t know about you but these past few days have been very emotional and feelings of frustration arising, it’s important here in this instance to hold loving space for these emotions to flow through, don’t try to suppress them, let them surface and then let them go. Full moons are a great time for releasing and letting go, you can always write out how you are feeling and then place it in the fire and burn it in a safe place. You can do this 3 days before the full moon and 3 days after. There's a 6-day window around the time of the full moon where the energy is extremely potent and powerful, so it’s a good time to do your rituals.

This full moon is in the fiery sign of Leo, it peaks on the 16th at 4:56 pm on Tuesday the 16th.
It is full of love, creativity and self-expression. You are being asked to look at where you feel out of balance in your life, are you working too hard or perhaps you're not putting yourself out there enough. Too much or too little of anything isn’t good. It’s time to tune into your heart and connect with the wisdom there. What are the whispers telling you?

Are you ready to roar? Let it out, there is so much potential with you in but fear is holding you back. Be like the lion or lioness courageous and strong.

This full moon is a very significant time of closure and releasing the past. Maybe you’ve been dragging a part of yourself along because it’s familiar, it’s ok to be someone different now, reinvent and become the best version of yourself. Be glamorous, courageous, and bold.

There's very supportive and forward-moving energy right now that will help you achieve your goals, move through challenges and step into power. Don’t be so fixated on how it’s all going to happen, trust that it will and start taking action every day, soon you’ll see it all pay off.

These cards are from Work Your Light by Rebbeca Campbell.


Inner Temple
Deviation. Tune into the portal of your heart.
If you are looking for love outside of yourself you will never find it. Look for love within yourself and you will be eternally happy. Someone should add to your happiness not complete you, you are already whole. You are a creation of the Universe and you are Divine, it’s about time you started to realise that and start worshipping yourself.

Who or what is triggering you right now?
This is coming up a lot lately. If someone pisses you off or gets on your nerves, they are triggering something within you. You need to step back and observe what's going on within yourself. It’s easy to say it’s someone else's fault, but we must take responsibility for our own emotions and actions and not let someone else determine how we feel or react. Stop giving away your power. Know who you are.

Double mission: Channelling and uplifting humanity. 
Yes, you are here having a human experience, but you also have a soul purpose too. Remember compassion and kindness are key to help raise the vibration not only of yourself but also the planet. Be the change you want to see in the world and lead by example. If you’ve been experiencing breakouts, rashes, random pains and aches, this can be a sign of ascension symptoms, that you are evolving and raising your vibration so anything that is of a lower vibration is leaving your physical body. Huge healing is happening right now.

Soul Family
Call in your tribe. You don’t have to do it alone.
You didn't come here to fit in, you came here to create a new way of being. There are many others like you and once you start putting yourself out there your light will lead them to you. You’ll meet someone and it’s like you’ve known each other forever. Go to a class or join a community and be open to new experiences and relationships.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading for the Collective. Sending you so many full moon blessings.

Love Always,
Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading for the collective. If you would like a more in-depth personal reading just reply to this email to discuss the different options.