Collective Energy Reading – 26th November 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well. We have experienced a huge influx of energy from the recent Full moon and partial lunar eclipse. This can sometimes leave us feeling a little bit vacant and empty. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a sign that a big clearing has taken place, a release of some sort. So don’t be in any rush to fill it back up again.

Take some time to reflect on what direction you want to go in life and what kind of energy you need. More compassion, love, motivation, grounding etc. If you really tune in you’ll get the answers. All of this introspection and self-enquiry will set you up for the upcoming solar eclipse in December.

A solar eclipse is also a sign of alignment. It urges us all to get aligned with ourselves. This is a time to ask if our vision is aligned with our actions. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

These cards are from the Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards.

Worth Waiting For
"Your patience will be rewarded."
You’ll be so glad that you waited and allowed what's right for you to arrive in Divine timing. Honestly, these things are not to be rushed. You must prepare and get into alignment yourself first. Feel the feelings rather than suppress them. There is huge strength and courage in vulnerability, you do not need to be a martyr. There is huge growth and good luck on the horizon.

Just Be Yourself
"You’re a great person - enjoy being yourself!"
You didn’t come to this Earth to be anything else but yourself. It’s tough work pretending to be someone else. Stay on your own path because you have a special mission and purpose that only you can fulfil. You’ll feel so much joy, freedom and aliveness when you start being your authentic self. Some people may become distant but others will arrive. Your energy attracts your tribe.

"Start a project related to something you’re curious about."
Most successful businesses come from a passion or interest, something that started a silly project and just grew from there. Yes, it is the right time to start putting things together and have fun watching the process unfold. Listen to your intuition, even if it sounds a bit wacky or illogical. Follow your passion and success will follow.

"See the light within yourself and everyone else."
We are beings of light, but sometimes we forget and get bogged down by the mundane details of life. We have everything we need within. We are constantly looking outside of ourselves and searching for something that will never be found, happiness. You must start being happy now, happy about how far you’ve come, happy you opened your eyes this morning, happy about this new day and so on. If you start being happy now you’ll attract more of it and bring more light into everyone else's life too.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and it helps you to navigate through the coming weeks.

Sending you so much love,
Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading for the collective. If you would like a more in-depth personal reading just reply to this email to discuss the different options.