Collective Energy Reading – 14th December 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

Welcome to the energy forecast for the collective consciousness in December. It’s been very uncomfortable lately, have you been feeling it? Both mental and physical discomfort and it seems to be very hard to pinpoint the root cause. When we are in a transition stage or ascension it can take some time for our physical self to adjust.

Be patient with the process.

It’s important to take inspiration from nature and what it is doing right now, shedding, composting, dying away and letting go, hibernation, slowing down, conserving energy etc.
Listen to your body and what it is asking for, maybe you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and you need ample rest!!!

These cards are from Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards.

Earth - Nurture Nature

We are being called back to our roots and to go within to nature ourselves, but let's not forget about who really nurtures and provides for us, Mother Earth. She is asking for support in whatever way you can help her right now, recycling, going plastic-free, being more eco-conscious, less waste etc. Also, you can help by giving gratitude and thanks daily to her, going outside, looking around at the clear skies, fresh air, clean water, plants and trees, give thanks and blessings. By showing gratitude to the earth you are helping to raise the vibration.

Gracious Receptivity

It’s the season of giving but also we receive too. Make sure you receive with all your heart and the Universe will provide more of what you want. Our throat chakra is the seat of manifestation, speaking our dreams and desires into reality. Take some time this month to write down what you want for 2021. Also, have a look at what you’ve manifested this year too. Never stop dreaming. What’s on the cards for you, love, money, a new job or home, a different country? Now is the time to start visualizing it. See it in your mind and you will hold it in your hands.

Fire - Solerus Sublime

There are so many repressed souls, who are holding back their gifts from themselves and the world. What are you afraid of, is it rejection? Criticism? Failure? What other people think? This is a small sacrifice to pay for what lies ahead, moving into your true essence and authentic self. I promise it’ll be worth it. When you let that energy flow you’ll move mountains, overcome obstacles and challenges and start living your best life. This energy is fierce and transformative on all levels.

Crown Chakra - The Unlimited Self

When did you stop believing anything was possible. Going back to when you were a child and thought you could be and do anything. You could fly, take over the world, be an astronaut or even become the president. It is those people who never stopped believing in themselves that achieve great things. That's the only difference between you and them, beliefs. Start believing in miracles and sudden positive changes and outcomes. If You Think You Can Or You Can’t You’re Right. It's that simple. You are the creator of your own reality.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and it helps you to navigate through the coming weeks.

Sending you so much love,
Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading for the collective. If you would like a more in-depth personal reading just reply to this email to discuss the different options.