Collective Energy Reading – 13th September 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well and settling into this new month and season.

September has a very smooth vibe. Not much upheaval and so it is providing you with the opportunity to get clear on what you want and to ground that down into your being. This will set a solid and supportive foundation for the upcoming months, and believe me you’ll be glad you put in the groundwork. Tonight the new moon in Virgo peaks at 1:51 am. Virgo is very earthy, grounded, logical and known as the healer. Use this energy and this week to organise, tie up loose ends, plan ahead and do what you need to do for your self-care and needs. Also if there is something you’ve been wanting to start, do it now. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect, it never will be.

Best Friend

“True friends stick together no matter what.“

Hold those you love dearly close. Don’t worry if you're having a bad day, week or month, those who care deeply about you will always support you through the ups and the downs. You're never a burden to those who love you. Don’t lock yourself away and suffer in silence, pick up the phone and tell someone you trust how you're feeling, they could have experienced something similar and can give you supportive and loving advice.


“Work with others to make this situation come about.”

There is a massive need for community and collaboration right now. It only takes a small number of people to create positive change. Again you don’t need to go it alone. Look outside of your normal social circle for a new tribe with similar interests to help you and to create new beautiful connections.

One Step at a Time

“Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.”

Don’t let perfectionism get in the way, start with what you can do and you’ll learn the rest along the way. There is no bigger critic out there than your own mind. It keeps you in your comfort zone where it is safe and familiar. The more you begin to step outside of that the more confidence you’ll gain and what once seemed challenging will be a walk in the park. Trust that it’ll all be worth it and work out in the end. Enjoy the process and let your heart guide the way.

Hello and Good-Bye

“You’ll soon see this change will make things better.”

The new moon is all about new beginnings and cycles. You must be willing to let go of things/people/situations if you want to move on to the next stage of your evolution. Lovingly let go of whatever is weighing you down or holding you back. There is no point in staying where you are to keep the peace or not to rock the boat, your happiness is the most important thing and it’s waiting for you.

I hope you enjoyed this energy reading. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back soon.

Love Always,
Katie x

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