Collective Energy Reading – 10th November 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

How are you settling into this new season?

We have just shifted into a new phase, the dark phase. And this is not something to be feared, it's to be embraced. The darkness has so much to teach us, introspection and seeing things in a different light.

Remember what you resist persists and we cannot change the cycles of nature so we might as well work with them.

These cards are the Work Your Light Oracle Deck.

"You go first the Universe will catch you."
This has been coming up for so many people, about trusting the Universe. It always provides and supports us. When you order something from Amazon you pick what you want, pay and expect it to arrive. The same process applies to the Universe, minus the paying part. Expect that you will receive what you are asking for. But you must take the chance and go first otherwise the Universe won't take you seriously. Leave the old self behind and leap into the unknown.

There is very powerful and transformative energy coming and it's time to get things into perspective, where you want to be in your life or what goals and dreams you want to manifest. Get into the driver's seat of your life.

Pillar of Light
"Your vibration is rising. You are the oracle."
Wow, this card always gives me goosebumps, in the best possible way. Sometimes we forget that we are souls having a human experience and we are extremely powerful. You can literally create heaven on earth if you wish. Many of us have been experiencing extremely uncomfortable situations lately such as cold/flu, COVID, sudden life-altering scenarios, strange and unusual body issues etc. This is happening so that we can wake up to reality and start to embody this new frequency of light to make positive changes.

"What lights you up?"
Have you been suppressing your deepest desires because of fear or just life in general? You have a mission here, a purpose, a gift to share with the world but if you keep it hidden nobody benefits and you'll always feel like something is missing. The time is now to start the inner search of what sets your soul on fire.

Break the Chain
"Ancestral patterns. Healing. Rewriting the future."
We all say things like "It's genetic" or "There's a family history of it". We are giving this behaviour pattern or dis-ease energy to keep moving onto the next generations. You have the power to stop it now. Begin to change the script and start manifesting a healthier future for yourself and those who come after you.

I hope you enjoyed this reading. A new phase has begun!

Sending you so much love,
Katie x

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