Biweekly Energy Reading for The Collective – 7th July 2021

Hello beautiful soul, and welcome back,

I’m so glad you are here. The energy for July has such a pleasant flow to it, like a gentle rocking of a baby's cot, very soothing indeed.

This is offering you the chance to nurture and self-soothe. The inner child is calling. When we respond to this deep healing and connection takes place.

Exciting new opportunities are emerging, take rest when you can so you can rise when the time is right.

This spread is from the Work Your Light Oracle Deck.

5 card spread from the Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell - Trust Your Path, Transformation, Shre Your Voice, The Great Gathering, Priestess

Trust Your Path
If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?
When we look inward and nurture the inner child he/she will reveal what it is that lights our soul on fire. It’s often said that what you were passionate about as a child is what your life path is supposed to be. Fear or worrying about money or how you will be supported is delaying the process. Trust that the Universe will part seas for you when you decide what path you wish to take. Life is too short to settle for a job that just pays the bills.

Things are changing at a cellular level. Deep healing.
If you have been working on yourself, behind the scenes, don’t be surprised if you feel like you don’t fit in or vibe with the things you used to do regularly. You are here to fit in, you are here to be your most unique and authentic self and there is only one of you, that's your superpower. You will find new interests and groups. Keep blossoming dear one you’ve come too far to stop growing now.

Share Your Voice
Come out of the cave. Persecution. Expression.
Repeat after me “ My Weird is Wonderful”. When you begin to shine and speak your truth others will be inspired to do the same. You may be feeling some physical restriction in the Throat and chest area and this can be a sign that you are energetically holding yourself back. What haven’t you been saying? What are you so passionate about that you could talk for hours on it? Do you want to start a blog or Youtube channel? There is an audience waiting for you to start sharing your knowledge and wisdom, please don’t deny yourself or them this gift.

The Great Gathering
It’s all coming together. Intuitive hits. Soul tribe.
When you’ve set all the other cards above into motion, your tribe will be attracted to you very quickly. You are here to help create this new higher consciousness that is emerging for the greater good. Listen to those little nudges and sparks of inspiration, follow them through because this is your Higher Self guiding you.

How are you being called to step up and lead?
No more playing small or avoiding the inevitable, there was always a Divine plan for you. Yes, the unknown can stir up feelings of insecurity but confidence comes from experience. Take those opportunities for growth and expansion whether that’s in work or your personal life. Upskill in the areas that interest you fitness, spirituality, nutrition etc. What you’ve experienced in life can help others heal in ways that you wished someone would guide you. Now is the time to step into your power and wear your wounds with pride.

Thank you for tuning into this energy reading. I just love sharing these cosmic messages with those of you who need it the most.

Katie x