Biweekly Energy Reading for The Collective – 21st August 2021

Hello beautiful soul, and welcome back,

Another reading for you to contemplate.

This week, Monday the 16th, has been an intense, heavy one energetically. Lots of pressure in the head and chest, feelings of overwhelment and anxiety. This Blue Moon has quite the pull. When we feel this resistance it can be pulling on those parts of ourselves that need peeling away or letting go of. We can hold on tightly to things that are familiar but not necessarily good for us. If you don't not release old energies and ties there will be no room for new energy to enter.

Hello and Goodbye

“You’ll soon see that this change will make things better.“

Nobody finds change easy and yes it is really uncomfortable. BUT the only constant in this world is change. We must learn to go with it, embrace it and stay open to the infinite possibilities it has to offer. Saying yes to change, recognising what's not working and lovingly letting it go. You might not see the benefits straight away, give it a chance and stay optimistic. You will soon reap the fruits of your labour.

Very Soon

“What you're asking for will happen soon in a happy way.”

When you ask the Universe for something you don’t need to focus on the HOW. The Universe works in mysterious ways but always for the highest good and in your favour. If you try to figure out logically how it's all going to play out, you're restricting yourself. Just know that your prayers are being answered. Enjoy the NOW. Be HAPPY NOW and it will all flow to you at the right time.


“It’s time to let go of anger or blame.”

Yes, it is challenging to forgive. Just remember that you are not condoning the behaviour of others who did you wrong but you are releasing the ties. Energy flows where attention goes. If you are focusing on being angry at someone for something they did you are wasting vital energy and doing yourself more harm than good. Once you forgive you release all attachments to that person/situation and you set yourself free.

Talk About Your Feelings

“Tell a friend how you feel.”

A problem shared is a problem halved. Are you a good listener but feel like you would burden others by expressing your emotions? Good friends will always be there for you just as you are always there for them. Don’t bottle things up or think that there are bigger problems in the world and yours are insignificant. Your feelings matter, no matter how big or small they might seem. Release the need to sweep them under the carpet or suppress them. Once you open up you will feel so much more at peace with yourself.
I hope you enjoyed this energy reading. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back soon.

I hope you enjoyed this energy reading. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back soon.

Sending you so much love,
Katie x