The Capricorn Strawberry Full Moon: A Collective Energy Reading


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Full Moon in Capricorn on the Summer Solstice: A Spiritual Perspective. Peaks on June 22nd at 2:07 am GMT +1

This Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon.

The cosmos has a way of aligning celestial events to create powerful moments of spiritual significance. One such rare and transformative occurrence is a full moon in Capricorn coinciding closely with the summer solstice. This alignment brings together the energies of the full moon, the grounding influence of Capricorn, and the peak solar energy of the solstice, offering a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation. Let’s delve into what we can expect and how to harness these energies for our spiritual journey.

The Significance of the Full Moon

The full moon is a time of illumination and clarity. As it fully lights up the night sky, it symbolises the culmination of a cycle, bringing hidden truths to light and offering a time for reflection and insight. When the full moon occurs just after the summer solstice—the longest day of the year, when the sun is at its highest point—it amplifies the themes of illumination and enlightenment. This period is ripe for gaining profound insights and making significant realisations about our lives and spiritual paths.

The Grounding Energy of Capricorn

Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, embodies qualities such as structure, discipline, and ambition. Known for its practicality and perseverance, Capricorn Energy is all about laying solid foundations and achieving long-term goals. When the full moon occurs in Capricorn, it grounds the ethereal energies of the moon, making it an ideal time to focus on practical matters and concrete steps toward manifesting our desires.

Capricorn’s influence encourages us to be disciplined and realistic about our aspirations. It asks us to evaluate our long-term goals, set clear intentions, and create structured plans to achieve them.
This sign’s energy is also about responsibility and integrity, reminding us to align our actions with our core values and principles.

Spiritual Themes of the Summer Solstice

The summer solstice marks a peak in solar energy and is a time of celebration and abundance. Spiritually, it represents a moment of maximum light and energy, symbolising enlightenment, growth, and the flourishing of life. It’s a powerful time to connect with nature, honor the earth, and celebrate the vitality and abundance of the natural world.

When the solstice occurs just before the full moon, it creates a portal of heightened energy. This solstice portal acts as a gateway, amplifying spiritual potential and opening pathways for profound transformation and awakening.

What to Expect and How to Harness These Energies

1. Illumination and Clarity: Expect revelations and insights. The full moon’s light, enhanced by the solstice portal, will help you see things more clearly, both externally and within yourself. Use this time for self-reflection and to gain a deeper understanding of your path and purpose.

2. Balancing Energies: With Capricorn’s practical influence and the solstice’s peak energy, this is a time to balance your spiritual aspirations with practical actions. Integrate your spiritual insights into your daily life and responsibilities.

3. Transformation and Release: The full moon is a time for releasing what no longer serves you. Let go of old habits, fears, and negative patterns. This process of release, catalysed by the solstice portal, will make space for new growth and opportunities.

4. Grounding and Manifestation: Capricorn’s grounding energy helps you turn dreams into reality. Set realistic goals, make detailed plans, and take concrete steps toward manifesting your desires. Focus on building a solid foundation for your future.

5. Emotional and Spiritual Growth: The combined energies of the full moon and solstice enhance emotional and spiritual awareness. Engage in meditation, journaling, or other reflective practices to connect with your inner self and foster spiritual growth.

6. Connection with Nature: Celebrate the solstice by spending time in nature. Engage in outdoor activities, honour the earth, and attune to the natural rhythms. This will strengthen your spiritual connection and provide a sense of renewal and vitality.

7. Community and Relationships: This period can bring people together, fostering community and deeper connections in relationships. Organise or participate in social gatherings, rituals, or collective celebrations to share and amplify positive energies.

Embrace the Moment

A full moon in Capricorn closely following the summer solstice is a powerful astrological event that offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth, transformation, and manifestation. By embracing the illumination of the full moon, the grounding energy of Capricorn, and the vibrant life force of the solstice portal, we can align our actions with our highest aspirations and set the stage for profound personal and spiritual development. Take this time to reflect, set intentions, and celebrate the abundance of life.

Join us on Friday the 21st of June at 7 am GMT+1 for our Full Moon ritual and Cacao Ceremony in the Rose Code Community.

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