July New Moon in Cancer – Collective Energy Reading

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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well. 

As the New Moon graces us in July under the nurturing sign of Cancer, we are invited to embark on a journey of emotional renewal and spiritual growth. 

The new moon peaks on Friday the 5th at 23:57 GMT+1

This lunar phase, occurring in Cancer, offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with our inner selves, nurture our emotional well-being, and set powerful intentions for the future.


Here’s what you can expect and how to make the most of this cosmic event:

Spiritual Insights: What to Expect

  1. Emotional Healing and Self-Care:

Cancer is a water sign, known for its deep emotional sensitivity and intuitive nature. During this New Moon, you might find yourself more attuned to your feelings, seeking comfort and security. It’s a perfect time to engage in activities that promote emotional healing, such as journaling, meditating, or spending time near water.

  1. Strengthening Family Bonds:

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is associated with home and family. This New Moon encourages us to strengthen our connections with loved ones. Reach out to family members, plan a small gathering, or simply spend quality time with those who make you feel at home.

  1. Heightened Intuition:

The Cancer New Moon enhances our intuitive abilities. Pay attention to your dreams and gut feelings during this time. You might receive insights or guidance that can help you navigate your path more clearly.

  1. Nurturing New Beginnings:

New Moons are a time of new beginnings, and with Cancer’s nurturing energy, it’s a great moment to plant the seeds of your intentions. Focus on what you want to grow in your life, whether it’s a new project, relationship, or personal goal.


Rituals and Practices for the New Moon in Cancer

  1. Create a Sacred Space:

Find a quiet corner in your home to set up a small altar. Include items that resonate with Cancer’s energy, such as seashells, moonstones, candles, and photos of loved ones. This space will serve as a focal point for your New Moon rituals.

  1. Moon Water Ritual:

Harness the moon’s energy by creating moon water. Place a bowl of water under the moonlight overnight, then use this water to cleanse your space, water your plants, or even add to your bath. This ritual is believed to imbue the water with the moon’s nurturing energy.

  1. Intention Setting Ceremony:

Write down your intentions on a piece of paper. Reflect on what you wish to manifest, focusing on emotional well-being, family harmony, or personal growth. Light a candle and visualise your intentions coming to fruition. Keep this paper on your altar or bury it in the earth as a symbolic gesture of planting your desires.

  1. Meditative Visualisation:

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Visualise a soft, soothing light surrounding you, offering comfort and protection. Imagine this light flowing into your heart, healing any emotional wounds, and filling you with love and compassion.

  1. Connect with Nature:

Spend time in nature to ground yourself. Walk barefoot on the grass, sit by a lake, or simply enjoy the serenity of a garden. Nature has a calming effect that can enhance your connection to the Cancer New Moon’s nurturing energy.

  1. Practice Gratitude:

Take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for. Write down at least five things that bring you joy and comfort. Gratitude opens your heart and aligns you with positive energy, making it easier for your intentions to manifest.


Final Thoughts

The New Moon in Cancer is a powerful time for emotional renewal and spiritual growth. By embracing its nurturing energy, we can heal, connect, and set the stage for positive changes in our lives. Use this lunar phase to deepen your self-care practices, strengthen your bonds with loved ones, and align with your inner wisdom. As you do, you’ll find yourself more attuned to the rhythms of the universe and better equipped to manifest your dreams.


Join us on Friday the 5th of July for our New Moon Ritual.

I hope you enjoyed this reading for the Collective.

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Sending you so many moon blessings.

Love always,

Katie x

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