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Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao

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If you’ve been feeling low energy, disconnected from your body & ability to express yourself, this Cacao will help bring the transformation you seek. You will feel a renewed life force energy within you and view life from a higher, loving perspective.

This Cacao, from Ruku’x’Ulew women’s collective, is a higher energy medicine than the Magic Earth Peruvian Cacao – it’s bold in flavour, less sweet, thick and creamy when made into a ceremonial drink.

Her energy is best for:

  • Movement

  • Connection with nature

  • Dancing

  • Deep singing/chanting

  • And many say it is great before a workout!

Pronounced “Ro-koosh Oo-lay-oo” it’s 100% Mayan-owned and grown on a small indigenous family farm in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The sacred and medicinal energy of Cacao is preserved through traditional preparation, hand roasted over an open fire and ground into perfectly beautiful discs of paste

Each bean is hand peeled with the women putting all their heart energy into it.

Every purchase of this Cacao directly supports these indigenous Guatemalan families and the continuation of their artisanal craft.

Reignite that beautiful energy stored within you, so you can shine your light on this world.

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100% Pure Organic || Ceremonial Grade || Ethically Sourced

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How to make it?
– Boil the water or (vegan) milk (40 ml per person) in a pot and take it from the heat to cool down to 60 – 70 degrees Celsius.
– Chop up 15-25g of the cacao paste into small pieces and add it to the hot water/milk (40 gram for ceremonial use per person)
– Stir it constantly until it is smooth and creamy without any pieces or chunks of cacao
– Add the spices (cinnamon and cayenne pepper or other spices you like) and (if you need) sweetener and stir it again

And you are ready to go!

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

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