Social Media is Fake, Here’s What I Don’t Share Online!!


Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well. 

I’ve tried to hide my vulnerability and never wanted anyone to know about my deep wounds or grief, which makes me feel so lonely and misunderstood. This has all really come to a head in these past few months.

I’m my own worst critic and push myself to strive and achieve everything. This has left me feeling so burnt out and overwhelmed.

Opening up and finally accepting what’s been going on beneath the surface has been the hardest and most sacred journey so far, but I’m so happy I’ve faced it.

I want to help so many people, but this often leaves me with little time for myself and my healing journey. Learning to be okay with doing less has been challenging, but I’m slowly getting there.

I’ve always run away from my problems and distracted myself with busyness, but it eventually caught up with me. So, I’m learning to walk along my path at a steady pace rather than racing to the end.

Sometimes, I get caught up in comparisons and then end up hiding and doing nothing, which leads to low self-worth and not working towards what I want. I’m a true introvert and love being alone, so this suits me, but it doesn’t bring me the results I desire.

Sometimes I get so focused on achieving my goals and dreams that I forget to have fun. Doing this work brings me so much joy and fulfillment, but it’s not my identity, and sometimes I can get lost in that.

I have moments of self-doubt and question if I am good enough, imposter syndrome, and get totally in my head and disconnected from my heart. Then I see my clients doing the work and applying the tools I give them, and this motivates me so much to see them take the action I need to take as well.

I’ve seen how showing my vulnerability has helped so many people whom I share it with, so I’m committing to showing up here more often even when I don’t feel like it, and coming out of my hermit cave. So thank you for always making me feel safe to open up 🙂

Love always,

Katie x