Spiritual Guidance Coaching

Spiritual Guidance Coaching Sessions & Coaching Program

This personalised spiritual guidance session & coaching program will help you along your healing journey. Get clear on what it is you need to focus on, what you need to release & what you need to change in your life. This session will show you the potential and power you have within. Given the right tools and support, you can achieve anything.

What's included in a Spiritual Guidance Session:

  • 90-minute in-person or zoom call

  • Reiki Healing

  • Meditation

  • Breath-Work

  • Journaling

  • Pendulum Work

  • Recording to listen back to

  • Assignment

  • Insights

  • Crystals Healing

  • Card Reading

  • Guidance & Coaching

The above services will be tailored in a unique offering as part of each session.

8-12 week Spiritual Guidance Coaching Program from €2222, where we will work through all 7 chakras and guide you in all the areas where energy is being blocked.

Book your discovery call today,

to see if this online session is in alignment with you and answer any questions you may have. This is complimentary and will give you a chance to connect with me personally before making any decisions.

Whether you are working towards a big goal, or just trying to find more calm in this crazy world today, this program can help you move in the right direction, while also learning how to enjoy the process and connect with your true self. Invest in yourself today, and reap the rewards for years to come.

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