Connect with the moon cycles and master your energy!

✨ Learn how to harness the changing energy of the lunar cycle to bring harmony and change  ✨

Join me for this FREE Online New Moon Ceremony where we will prepare ourselves for the upcoming lunar cycles through yoga, meditation & journaling prompts. 

With over 10 years of experience working with the lunar cycles, I have seen first-hand the impacts it has had on my clients and myself.

Feel & learn how to receive the healing energies of the lunar cycle and prepare yourself for the shift in energy. New moons are all about taking new opportunities - so it's the perfect opportunity to start with a new challenge!


Katie D

Hi, I'm Katie. Wellness Expert & Energy Healing Facilitator.

I have been on a journey over the past 10 years, practising and sharing healing methods with my clients. Tuning into the lunar cycles has been a huge part of that journey.

I host New Moon Rituals with my close community every month for over 2 years now and the energy and healing that my clients get from these sessions are amazing.

I want to share this energy with more people.

This new moon is a very special one, and I am so excited to invite you in to celebrate with me for free. Learn about the moon cycles and the amazing healing properties they can bring to your life. Join us on May 18th.

New Moon Ceremony Agenda

New Moon Ceremony Agenda 1
New Moon Ceremony Agenda 2
New Moon Ceremony Agenda 3
New Moon Ceremony Agenda 3
New Moon Ceremony Agenda 5
New Moon Ceremony Agenda 6

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"Loved the chakra course .The connection, the colours, the associations, is so amazing! I was aware of the chakras before joining, but now I feel I have a deep understanding, and an action plan to help me keep them balanced" - Confidential

"I really appreciate this Katie! The chakra course has awoken something inside me. I don't ever want to loose it. It's like a little light peeking through my soul to thrive. Sounds crazy but it feels good! Invaluable 🙌🏼"  - Confidential 

"Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this and connected with it on so many different levels. This answered a lot of questions for me and has given my mind clarity. I can honestly say I'm excited to continue working with the chakras and keep them balanced" - Confidential