January Full Moon in Cancer – Collective Energy Reading

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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well.

January’s full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, peaks on Friday the 6th at 23:07 GMT in Cancer. Being a water sign it’s bringing lots of movement, deep reflection and healing. 

The moon is in charge of our subconscious and inner emotions. Get ready to ride the emotional wave. 

You need to be extra supportive of yourself during this time and tending to your every need, don’t expect someone else to do it. Stay clear of those who push your buttons and pray on your sensitivities. Be really mindful of your protection and grounding practices, this will help you move more smoothly during this transit.

Use the water element as a healing salve. Be in and around water as much as you can. Let your worries and emotions be cleansed and cleared. Don’t suppress your feelings, express them in a healthy way, cry, shake, journal, talk it out, whatever feels best for you. Let it flow. 

Feeling into your heart’s desires rather than thinking with your head will help you find more clarity and tune into what is truly in alignment with you. There can be a lot of noise, chaos and distraction at this time of year, so find a quiet space for yourself that you can JUST BE! This will illuminate areas of your life that need the most attention. 

These cards are from the Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

Trust Your Path.

If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?

What a perfect card for the New Year. So many of us limit ourselves or put a glass ceiling on our potential. Why? Because we feel that we couldn’t never achieve it due to lack of support, abundance, time etc. There’s always a block we put in front of ourselves before we’ve even started. This card is showing you that the path is clear now all you have to do is take one step at a time. The end goal is in clear sight. Keep going and step holding yourself back. The only limits are the ones which you put upon yourself. Dream big.

Inner Temple

Devotion. Tune into the portal of your heart.

You are so powerful, but all this time you’ve been giving your power away. Start honouring your feelings and intuition. They have never let you down. These are your inner compass, navigating you through life. When you start really listening and tuning in you’ll become more and more connected to the truth of who you are. Go within.

Sisterhood of the Rose.

Beauty and devotion. Priestess. Mystic. Teacher.

Another devotion sign. You need to respect and accept the gifts that you’ve been given. If you’re here you’re probably a highly sensitive person and an empath. Are you using these in the way that you were meant to or are you allowing them to be a burden? Life becomes so much richer and beautiful when you step into your fullest potential and align with your purpose. You have the power in your hands and the support of the Divine. Let your gifts be known. What have you been called here to do? The answers lie in your heart, listen.

I hope you enjoyed this reading for the Collective.

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Sending you so many moon blessings.

Love always,

Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading. If you would like a more in depth personal reading please email me to discuss the different options.