August New Moon in Virgo – Collective Energy Reading


Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well.

It’s the final lunar cycle of the summer.

This new moon is in Virgo which is an earth sign. Peaking on Saturday the 27th of August at 9:17am.

Virgo energy is humble, logical, industrious, practical, natural, kind, and sympathetic.

When out of balance can be very stubborn, critical, uptight, irritable and picky.

Being aware of this energy within and without can help you become more compassionate and supportive of yourself and those around you during this lunar phase.

It’s time now to start thinking about implementing some sort of routine and structure back into your life, after a summer of fun and festivities. This will help you be more focused and grounded, helping you to navigate through challenges and prepare for the next mercury retrograde, which is in two weeks time.

Get organised, clear and start planning. Take a look at all aspects of your life.
If there is chaos, where can you create more calm?

This new moon will certainly test your patience and emotions, so think before you speak.
Oftentimes when we are frustrated with someone else it’s a reflection of ourselves in some way.
Take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture.

Earthy Virgo can be very rigid and stuck in their ways, try to be a little more fluid and flexible in certain circumstances and situations.

Key things to prioritise moving forward are routine, wellbeing, selfcare, personal and spiritual growth. What practices can you put in place to help you stay aligned with your values?

If you want to be productive and flow as effortlessly as possible through life it’s vital that you practise daily grounding.
Take a few moments each morning to drop into your body, put both feet firming on the ground and take a few slow deep breaths. Then go about your day with a sense of present moment awareness and notice how your life changes in positive ways.

These cards are from Beyond Lemuria Oracle Deck by Izzy Ivy.

Awakened Awareness
It’s happening all around the planet, people are waking up to the remembering of who they truly are and what they came here to do. We all have a purpose here. If you have been feeling the niggle or nudge towards certain spiritual practices or modalities maybe it’s time to start exploring them. Reach out to those who are experienced in the area and ask for guidance. You are a spiritual being having a human experience after all. Increased intuition and sense of knowing is beginning to be heightened at this time. It’s important for you to learn how to develop your skills in order to stay balanced.

Shine Your Light 
Oh if only we were taught this at a young age. Unfortunately most of us tried to fit in, made ourselves small and hid our gifts. People are in desperate need of a like minded community to feel safe enough to be themselves. Your weird is wonderful and in order for others to discover you, you must shine your brightest self. Don’t be afraid so many will be motivated by your bravery. You will feel so connected with your truth and the doors of opportunity will open when you do.

Crown Chakra
 The Unlimited Self
The oneness with the whole. When we try to think and do everything by ourselves life becomes an effort. But when we allow ourselves to connect in with the Collective Conscious of all that there is, life becomes effortless. Remembering that we are all one and doing what we can for the highest good will always lead to positive results. Do you feel like your cut off or lonely lately? Start a daily meditation practice and allow yourself to connect in with the highest good of all that there is.

I hope you enjoyed this reading for the Collective.

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Sending you so many moon blessings.

Love always,

Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading. If you would like a more in depth personal reading please email me to discuss the different options.