August Full Moon in Aquarius- Collective Energy Reading

full moon in Aquarius

Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well.

The full moon in August also known as the Sturgeon Moon peaks on Tuesday the 1st at 7:31pm GMT.

It falls in the fixed air sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius energy is analytical, technical, truthful, assertive, confident, progressive and innovative. Always problem solving and loves having everything working well while pushing the boundaries and limitations.

This is a super full moon which means it will appear bigger and brighter in the sky and feels 100x times more intense. If you’re considering turning back on an emotional journey today, try to hang in there for one more day! If you just keep going a little further, you can turn a corner very soon and see a broad, beautiful road ahead of you. You are so close, big breakthroughs are coming.

Fully step into your power and own it this month the energy is so supportive right now as we are in Leo season. The courageous, fearless and strong presence of the lion/lioness is ready to be ignited within you. Become the main character in your life.

It’s time to liberate yourself and stop caring what others might think.

I’ve been helping so many of my clients shift into this over the last few weeks. They are sick and tired of being used and mistreated and they are calling back their power. I’m getting Katy Perry Roar Vibes here

Of course change is uncomfortable and some people won’t be happy but who are you here to please? Imagine if everyone took responsibility for their own happiness. Life would be so much easier, so start reading by example.

Start dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Journaling prompts 

How can you express yourself more authentically?

What are your unique qualities?

How or what influence do you have in your community?

What do people always ask for your advice on?

Is this something you could monetize or start a side hustle with?

How can you do things a bit better to improve the quality of your life?

Where are you not being valued or acknowledged in your relationships?

How are you feeling around this full moon?

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I hope you enjoyed this reading for the Collective.

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Sending you so many moon blessings.

Love always,

Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading. If you would like a more in depth personal reading please email me to discuss the different options.