April New Moon in Aries – Collective Energy Reading

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Hello beautiful souls,

I hope you are doing well. 

The new moon in Aries which is a fire sign peaks on Monday the 8th of April at 7:20 pm GMT

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, and the opportunity for growth and renewal. As the moon transitions from darkness to light, it encourages us to set intentions, embark on new adventures, and embrace changes in our lives.

Just like the moon cycles, we too can experience phases of transformation and evolution. The New Moon is a time to reflect on our goals, visualize our dreams, and plant the seeds of our desires.

It serves as a reminder that with each new cycle, there is the potential for endless possibilities and the chance to manifest our deepest aspirations. Embrace the energy of the New Moon and let its gentle glow guide you toward a brighter future.

This lunar phase is in the middle of Mercury Retrograde, Eclipse season & things can feel like they are extremely chaotic & overwhelming but this is the shake-up & wake-up we’ve all been waiting for. Take this opportunity to reflect on the intentions you set during the new moon phase.

We can get really comfortable & stay in the known, if we do this nothing changes. Aries is here to put a fire under your seat & get you moving. Things are manifesting at lightning speed & your life can change in an instant.

Rest assured there’s no task too big the universe will give you exactly what you’re ready for. We have these Mercury Retrogrades 3 to 4 times a year & they have a significant impact on how the next 6 months will be.

The eclipse portal is a powerful & transformative experience for all of humanity. Expect miracles, mass awakenings, secrets being revealed & old ways crumbling. This has been happening & has been felt over the last month.

The wonderful thing about this time is you don’t have to do anything.


Be present with yourself, the moment, listen to your intuition & connect with your inner calm amongst the chaos.

This is NOT a time to take action or make drastic decisions or big moves. Observe what is unfolding & coming to light.

How are you feeling around this new moon?

🌙✨ New Journaling Prompts ✨🌙

What are your goals and aspirations during this new moon phase?

Take a moment to visualize your dreams and plant the seeds of your desires.

Now journal on the feelings that arise when you see your dreams come to fruition in your mind.

How can you create more space in your schedule for these new energies to flow into your life?

Take time to tune in everyday, ask your intuition what will guide you to your brighter future and be present with your inner calm amongst the chaos.

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I hope you enjoyed this reading for the Collective.

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Sending you so many moon blessings.

Love always,

Katie x

P.S. This is a general reading. If you would like a more in depth personal reading please email me to discuss the different options.