A Poem about My Spiritual Journey

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Once living life at a breakneck pace,
Juggling work, social life, and the race,
Of activities that filled each day,
But inside, weak and disconnected, she’d say.

Then came a car crash, a broken neck,
Her life came to a sudden wreck,
Angry, upset, feeling so low,
Her mother dragged her to a yoga class to go.

At first, she thought it was hippy dippy,
But after that first class, she felt so trippy,
Floating out, high on life,
Peace of mind, free from strife.

She continued with yoga, the neck brace came off,
Back to her routine, but something had changed, she scoffed,
Yoga had ignited something within,
Changed her view of the world, and herself, therein.

Then tragedy struck, her brother was gone,
Their world came crashing down, but they held on,
Yoga was their therapy, their saving grace,
Helping them cope, without a word to trace.

She went to India, to train as a teacher,
To deepen her practice, and become a Reiki healer,
Four months of searching, for gurus and teachers,
Her life transformed, as she became a life-reacher.

Now, she’s a Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, and Mentor,
Helping others find their freedom, peace, and center,
She’s dedicated to helping others find their truth,
To shine their light, and live their dreams, uncouth.

Her journey has taught her so much,
To embrace her gifts, and not to clutch,
To awaken to her truth, and live her life,
To help others do the same, without strife.

So, shine your light, dear one, be brave,
Know that you’re worthy, and you can pave,
The way to the life of your dreams,
With love, peace, and joy, it seems.

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