Create lasting change in your life, by learning how to balance the 7 chakras

✨ In this FREE masterclass, I will reveal how YOU can use the 7 chakras to truly transform your life ✨

With over 10 years experience working with the chakras, I have seen first hand the impacts it has had for my clients and myself.

You can use the chakra system for absolutely anything, manifestation, self-love, health, wealth, abundance, relationships, intuition, motivation, strength, the list is endless.

We have so much potential and power within ourselves and unlocking our chakras is one easy way to access it.

Katie D

Hi, I'm Katie. Wellness Expert & Energy Healing Facilitator.

I have been on a journey with the chakras for over 10 years. From the first reiki treatment I received, my whole perspective changed forever. I now had a way in which I could balance and heal my energy every day. The more I began to apply these teachings and make simple changes to how I was thinking, feeling and acting things just kept getting better.

Everything that I do in my work revolves around the chakras. Once you have a basic understanding of how they work you can change your whole life.

To this day I still revert back to the individual centres for guidance, wisdom and insight into my life. And I’m so excited to share this knowledge with you all.

Masterclass Agenda

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"Loved the chakra course .The connection, the colours, the associations, is so amazing! I was aware of the chakras before joining, but now I feel I have a deep understanding, and an action plan to help me keep them balanced" - Confidential

"I really appreciate this Katie! The chakra course has awoken something inside me. I don't ever want to loose it. It's like a little light peeking through my soul to thrive. Sounds crazy but it feels good! Invaluable 🙌🏼"  - Confidential 

"Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this and connected with it on so many different levels. This answered a lot of questions for me and has given my mind clarity. I can honestly say I'm excited to continue working with the chakras and keep them balanced" - Confidential