Finding Inner Peace Online Course



Knowing how to create inner peace within yourself even when the world outside is chaotic, is the greatest skill you’ll ever cultivate.
Has the recent pandemic left you shaken and unsure of your safety?
Many have suffered in different ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.
The aftermath can leave scars and a fear of the future.
Cultivating inner peace within ourselves safeguards us against been shaken by external events. Building a relationship with the place within us that is unaffected by the world is the most powerful force you can create.
It is our birthright to be happy and to live freely.
This course will help guide you to that place. It is there within all of us, we just need to remember.
Through breath, movement and visualization, you will be able to create that space to reconnect, to find that inner peace and remember who you truly are.
The more you recognise and tap into this place the stronger and more resilient you become.
Are you ready to embark on this beautiful journey?
This course comes with lifetime access and can be completed any time, at your own pace. The below schedule is just a guideline based on my in-person workshops.
10:00 Introduction and card reading
10:15 Breath-work
10:30 Yoga Practice
11:15 Guided Meditation/Visualization
This workshop is suitable for all levels. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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