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My name is Katie and I am so happy you've found your way here.
My soul mission is to help people on their healing journey through yoga, meditation, reiki, and other modalities that I've learned and fallen in love with over the years.

Katie x,

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Coming Home: Death & Our Own True Nature – 21-1-23

Death is a natural part of our life and of everything around us. Yet What dies? And what is our own view on it? 21st...
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Self Paced Women’s Wellness Code Community – December 2022

Reconnect with yourself, build self-love and self-confidence so that you can live a happy healthy, fulfilled life. Enrolment is now Open! I started the Women's...
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Yoga classes

Yoga classes in Tramore

Weekly Yoga Tramore GAA Hall – 6-12-22

Yoga is back in Tramore GAA Hall every Tuesday evening from 6-7 pm! Join me on Tuesday evenings for a much needed in person Yoga...
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Yoga classes in Newtown Meeting Rooms

Weekly Yoga Newtown Meeting Rooms – 1-12-22

Weekly Yoga in The Meeting Rooms, Newtown every Thursday evening from 6.30-7.30pm. Join me on Thursday evenings for a much needed in-person Yoga Practice! All...
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Online Courses

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7 Chakras in 7 Days - Online Course

In this course you will be introduced to the 7 major chakras, their properties and how to balanced each one. You will be amazed at how good you'll feel when you being to understand and connect with this energetic system. Discover your strengths and weakness as you embark on this inner journey. Become your own healer and driver of your life.

Explore the chakra system in detail

Discover your emotional, behavioural and thinking patterns

Become your own healer and driver of your live

You can now try the first 2 lessons for free!

Vibration of things

How to raise your vibration - Online course

Learn how to raise your vibration. The higher it is the lighter and brighter you feel physically, mentally & emotionally. Identify what lowers your vibration, experience more joy, peace and personal growth. Know the skills you need to deal with stress and discomfort that may arise in your daily life and be your best self.

Understand and connect with your own energy and vibration

Become focused and clear about your life by increasing awareness

Begin a healing journey of enlightenment

You can now try the first 2 lessons for free!

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