massage waterford ireland with katie duggan

Massage in Tramore, Ireland with katie Duggan

With over 10 years experience in the industry and worked on luxury cruise lines in America, my massage and techniques have evolved immensely. Combining Thai stretches, deep tissue and Swedish techinques the massage is adapted to the clients needs.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, the 5 elements. The world is build on the 5 elements and so are we. Massage techniques combined with music linked to the elements. Each of the elements corresponds to yin and yang organs associated with them, all functioning together to restore wellness in the body's kingdom. Just as in nature we can see imbalances such as flooding, landslides and forest fires, these imbalances can inhibit the body and create disharmony within. Restoring and harmonizing.

massage waterford ireland with katie duggan

Benefits of massage

Can help with anxiety.
Digestive disorders.
Insomnia related to stress.
Myofascial pain syndrome.
Soft tissue strains or injuries.
Sports injuries.


€60: Massage per hour

€80 1.5hr: 5 Elements Massage

€100 2hr: Ultimate Massage with Reiki

Katie Duggan

Katie Duggan Yoga Teacher Holistic Therapist and Trainer copy

Owner of Wellness with Katie.

Running yoga, class, personal training sessions, group activities, workshops, retreats, alternative therapies based in Tramore, and other locations including Wexford, Waterford, Dublin, Cork and Galway.

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Katie is amazing, she is polite, kind and made be feel very relaxed. Most importantly she is very knowledgeable, her combined massage with reiki left me feeling so relaxed afterwards, that night I slept for 9 hours. Totally recommend.

Bernie Murphy

Amazing !!!

The Reiki massage I received from Katie was deeply relaxing.

I could feel the built up tension in my upper back melting away. Just after one treatment my body felt light as a feather. My mindless chatter slowed down and I could think of nothing else only the beautiful treatment that I was receiving. 

Upon leaving I floated home feeling recharged, refreshed  and totally relaxed ☺. 

I will definitely be going back for some more and I would highly recommend Katie and the treatment she offers.

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