Kinetic Flow in Waterford and Wexford Ireland

Kinetic flow with Katie Duggan

Kinetic Flow with Katie Duggan

Kinetic flow with katie Duggan waterford ireland

Kinetic Flow is an integrated movement, class based system that combines our applied neuroscience techniques to develop stronger, more flexible, and more pain-free bodies.

Kinetic Flow is a system born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body, or creating optimal strength and flexibility. This system integrates many different movements and strategies designed to give your body as many resources as possible to create positive change.

Its all about the flow and sequence of the class to create optimal safety in the nervous system, and then capitalise on this by developing full body control through specialized kinetic stretching. This comprises of movements/ stretching using only your own body to engage the nervous system and create long lasting changes in the strength and flexibility.

Combined with breathing exercises, reflexive facilitation, sensory integration drills, exercises to improve the health of peripheral nervous system, and other full body movements designed to unravel full body tension, this is the ultimate class-based system to improve your health on multiple levels.

Katie Duggan

Katie Duggan Yoga Teacher Holistic Therapist and Trainer copy

Owner of Wellness with Katie.

Running yoga, class, personal training sessions, group activities, workshops, retreats, alternative therapies based in Tramore, and other locations including Wexford, Waterford, Dublin, Cork and Galway.

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Kinetic flow with Katie Duggan

Additional information about Kinetic Flow

Who is it for?.

Anyone who's is suffering from pain or performance issues who want to make long lasting changes to their health, through simple yet effective self healing techniques and drills. By helping the client understand what's happening it will be reinforced in their own natural environment

Pricing €12 per hour




I did my first Kinetic Flow class with Katie a while ago and it was brilliant. I’ve done lots of stretching classes like yoga and Pilates but this was completely different. We did breathing techniques and other techniques to release toxins and tightness in the body. You don’t need to be flexible to feel a deep stretch it’s amazing. I now do the techniques myself everyday and I have to say I feel great and my body feels so much more open.

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