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Women’s Wellness Code Community July Enrolment


July 1 - 07:00 am


July 31 - 08:00 pm

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Katie Duggan

Create a regular wellness practice that supports you and connect with likeminded women who want to live a life full of happiness and joy.

July Enrolment is now Open!

Do you lack motivation and direction? Feel like there is no sense of community during these current times? Do you find that the days have no purpose and slip by with out making the most of them? Do you have dreams that you would like to make your reality?

In the Women’s Wellness Code Community we will be taking care of all of that and so much more.

Here are some comments from the community.

“I loved everything about this community and I’ve learnt so much. Your guided meditation was my highlight, I never really meditated before, exploring my subconscious is v.interesting! Loved feeling so grounded with yoga! Self care facials with all the tips! But most of all I enjoyed connecting with you and this community! I look forward to joining in January. I plan to continue with my goal setting and yoga/mediation routine in Dec! Thank you”

“Its the positive place to be, i think everyone is finding this lockdown harder and missing connections and this has really helped”

“Great variety. It’s just like a new way of life, a place to escape everyday and I’d be lost without it. I did yoga everyday in November even if it was just the 10 minute stretch which I love and I have done the beauty routine everyday since self care Sunday. Also thanks for the product advice ladies I got some lovely hauls last week 😍 I’m looking forward to December and I can’t wait for a glass of red wine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you Katie for creating this lovely community πŸ’•”

“Hi Katie,Β  I am loving being part of the WWCC, my only regret is not joining soon, I recognise now fear of change got in the way but I am so grateful now I have joined. Its literally been only a week since I joined,Β  but I feel so much support from you and, without them even realising it support from the other members too. It is really comforting and nice being part of a community with like minded people. It is helping me stay grounded during all the chaos. Thank you so much for all that you do Katie ❀”

Would you like to……….

  • Create a regular wellness practice that supports you.
  • Rebuild trust, regain confidence, and remember your worth.
  • Have a wholehearted experience and connect with likeminded women who want to live a life full of happiness and joy.

You will be guaranteed fun, variety, and exploration every week as part of this community.

Everybody’s practice is different and it should fit your needs rather than trying to fit a certain pose or time.

Some days it might look like, child’s pose every evening before bed to let go of the day, morning yoga to start your day feeling focused and confident, daily gratitude practice to create an abundance mindset, evening journaling to remember your worthiness and all you’ve accomplished, daily pranayama to keep you in a relaxed state rather than feeling anxious, daily visualization and meditation practice to connect with your true essence.

You get to choose what your yoga practice needs to be because ultimately you’re in control of your internal environment. Only you know what’s right for you. We’re to help start or continue the process and give you structure and support. you need.

Begin to live yoga off the mat and spread wellness into every part of your life.

Here’s an overview of what’s included in the monthly membership:

  • 2 live yoga classes and 1 meditation a week
  • Goal setting at the start of the month and mid-month check-ins
  • A new theme every month
  • Bonus sessions such as self-Care Sunday’s and podcasts
  • Full moon and new moon rituals
  • Discounts on other online courses and events
  • Focus on the physical mental spiritual and energic aspects of you
  • Monthly energy forecasts and updates
  • Guidance and coaching to help you achieve your goals

There will be a daily schedule and everything that goes live will be saved in the Private Facebook Group so you can go through it at your own pace. Whether you’re a busy mom or working full time there will be a practice to suit you, sessions ranging from 5 – 50 minutes.

Does that sound good to you?

If so sign up now and commit to being fit and well physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. Get into the driver’s set and live life consciously with awareness and compassion for yourself and the world around you.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you there,


Katie x

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