Face Yoga


July 21


10:30 am - 01:30 pm

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Katie Duggan

Website: https://www.eventbrite.ie/o/katie-duggan-18508686182


Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Studio's Fiddown Main Road , Fiddown

Fiddown, County Kilkenny, IE

Someone once told me as you age you have to make choice between your face and your body. That just never sat right with me I just couldn’t accept that as a fact!!! 

A belief is just a thought you continue to think. So don’t believe everything you hear.

I’m a qualified beauty therapist with over 10 years experience and I’ve seen all types of skin, products and routines. What really works or what is the secret? There is none, results vary person to person, and some people just have good genes. But I believe that prevention is better than cure. 

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 4 years now and definitely see and feel the benefits, not just in my body but my face too.

You can use all the most expensive facial creams in the world but if your muscles are weakening and not receiving the oxygen they need than your wasting your time and money. And of course STRESS, it will literally be written all over your face.

Like you go to the gym to workout, this is like gym for the face. 

So join me on this face yoga journey and see and feel yourself reverse the effects of time and find out more about your skin.

Its never too late. Learn simple tools and tricks you can do everyday and it’s like giving yourself a mini spa treatment at home. 

Bring your favourite plant based oil or facial cream. 

Looking forward to seeing you there, 



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