Autumn Equinox Yoga Workshop 22.9.19


September 22


10:30 am - 01:30 pm

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Katie Duggan



Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Studio's , Fiddown

Fiddown, County Kilkenny, IE

Autumn Equinox Yoga Workshop 22.9.19

Autumn is the season of transformation. We can see this all around us in nature: the leaves are falling, the air is changing and we are harvesting an entirely new crop of fruits and vegetables. It is important that we change with the seasons — just as nature does — by adapting our daily habits, yoga practice and food choices. Ironically, it is only through change that was can stay grounded during this shifting season.

According to Ayurveda, there are three primary doshas, or energies. Just as each person has a dosha that predominates, each season is also dominated by one of the three doshas. The vata dosha is most prevalent during autumn. Vata governs movement in the body, as well as activating the nervous system and the processes of elimination. The qualities of vata are cold, dry, rough, light, changeable, irregular, and moving. Vata is composed of the elements of air and space. Because of vata’s association with the nervous system, its state is often reflected in our mental health. With the abundance of vata energy circulating during the autumn season, our bodies and minds can become overwhelmed and out of balance.

During this time of year, you may feel unsettled, ungrounded and unstable. But while we cannot change the seasonal weather shifts, we can maintain internal balance by adjusting our lifestyles to counter the predominant vata energy in nature. We do this by incorporating yoga poses, food, and lifestyle choices that naturally hold the opposite qualities of the vata dosha.

Join this workshop if you would like to welcome the Autumn Season with an open heart and a balanced body, mind and spirit.

No yoga experience required. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on 087-1320606 Schedule:

10:30 Morning practice

11:45 Break tea/coffee snacks

12:05 Afternoon practice

13:10 Guided Shavasana/Relaxation

13:30 Finish


Tea/coffee snacks, mats, blankets, supports all provided. I’m so looking forward to seeing you then.


Katie x

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